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Energy Markets

One of Trading Technology Australia’s core areas of focus is the Energy Markets, most notably the electricity generation and retail industries. Since 2001 TTA has been working both independently and in collaboration with industry and academia to further understand the energy markets issues such as market liquidity and transparency and the relevance of particular models used in trading and risk.

Beacon is our forecasting and risk engine to which we are continually adding new functionality based on our in-house R&D programme. Beacon
etaView etaView is our energy data visualisation tool allowing traders or risk manager to create a representation of the portfolio at a half-hourly level and recombine at lower frequencies
TTA Benchmark Electricity Data is a daily data set of cleansed and extended futures and cap futures curves, fair value OTC prices (margined to futures) and recalibrated future option prices. Benchmark data is ideal as a primary or secondary data source for risk management areas in banks who trade electricity. Benchmark
EnergyBusiness is Trading Technology Australia’s energy markets portal. Please click on the EnergyBusiness logo to visit the EnergyBusiness section of the website.


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