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We provide fund analysis reporting to help investors and funds (mainstream and alternative) further understand exposures and risk using Markov Processes International’s patented Dynamic Style Analysis.

From single-fund exposure breakdowns through manager comparison reports to portfolio optimisation, forecasting, simulation and VaR reporting, we can produce accurate analysis and reports using only the returns of a fund or portfolio.


Any investor, individual or institutional, benefits from further understanding what they are investing in. A return history, statement of strategy and top 10 holdings goes some way to describing a fund, but the more insight that is gained into the exposures and risk the better.

Such insight is useful for deciding whether to take on an direct investment, but also in competitor analysis for fund managers, or for making decisions as a fund-of-funds manager.


MPI’s patented Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) technique is a refinement of the popular Returns Based Style Analysis first proposed by Nobel Laureate William Sharpe. DSA delivers more accuracy than regular style analysis methods which translates into increased transparency of the fund being analysed.


The reporting is based on MPI’s Stylus ProTM software which is used by alternative research groups, hedge fund of funds, family offices, institutional investors, consultants, private banks, asset managers, diversified financial services organizations as well as marketing, product development and IT departments around the world. MPI also offers solutions for investment advisors and private wealth professionals.


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