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Institutional Banking

We provide consulting, support and development services to help trading, risk or quantitative groups in institutional banks deliver projects or maintain systems more effectively based on our extensive experience in derivative markets and systems.

Past project experience includes:

  • Quantitative model validations (Exotic FX, Yield Curves and Volatility Surfaces, Commodities and Risk Systems);
  • 24 / 7 support of mission critical applications in multiple time zones;
  • Realtime rates delivery, specification and audit;
  • Murex testing and validation;
  • Pricing systems development (Interest Rate Derivatives, FX Options, Deposits, Curves and Surfaces);
  • Market and Credit Risk systems development (Institutional Banking and Electricity Markets);
  • Requirements specifications and project management; and
  • Quantitative analysis.

As most projects are heavily tailored to requirements, please contact us to discuss such services in more detail.